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After summing up the results of the shows, the title of the best dog of the year 2014 was won by the Siberian Husky female dog Nanook Stormcall Northern Sky. Annually, Lithuanian Cynological Society congratulates the best dogs of Lithuania. The winners are chosen after summing up the results of last year’s dog shows. This time the Siberian Husky female dog Emi has become the best dog of the year 2014. We  were talking to the winner Emi’s owner Ingrida Gudmonienė, living in Kelmė, not only about cynology or the victories of dogs in shows…




What does the title “Lithuanian TOP Dog 2014” mean to you, the breeder of the Siberian Huskies?

The year 2014 was the year of shows to our kennel “Sniego šunys“. In the beginning of the year, I decided that I wanted to visit the countries, where I did not participate in the shows. I was curious to compare my pets with the dogs from other countries, to hear the well-known experts‘ opinions, and to communicate with breeders. Thus, while travelling, our dogs “brought“ a lot of titles (smiling). When submitting the results of the dogs, I was hoping to get to the top three of Lithuanian dogs, but I did not really think, that Emi would become the best dog of the year. It is difficult to describe what I felt after learning about the victory. Only when congradulatory messages began to pour, I realized: our achievements are real! I am grateful to my dogs Emi and Ekaja for the sweet taste of victory. I am also grateful to all the people, who contributed to these victories. 


The Siberian Husky female dog Nanook Stormcall Northern Sky (Emi): where is she from?

I spent a lot of nights at the computer, hoping to find “my puppy“. I had visited virtually a lot of kennels until I found the one I liked, and just then I learned: a litter was expected. Our Emi was born in the distant Northern Canada in the beginning of February, 2012, and in June I flew to Canada on my own. I spent a week in the kennel “Nanook“. When I just remember my first meeting with Emi and her breeders Annette and Jessica, my heart jumps. I returned to Lithuania with a priceless wealth, in addition, I gained valuable experience. The days, spent with the world famous breeder, who has been breeding the Siberian Huskies for more than 30 years, have given me a lot.


Describe your “Canadian“. What is she like? What makes her exceptional? What do the judges and participants of the shows say about Emi?

Emi is wonderful! Affectionate, friendly, she likes attention. When I was choosing her, I had the only wish – that she would be of very good temperament. As I like to say, “that she would go through fire and water“. And the kennel fulfilled this wish – I have received a puppy of a nice show temperament. A dog‘s temperament is very important to me. Undoubtedly, life with a temperamental dog is more complicated, but I admire it.

I have bought a female dog for breeding, I did not have the aim to travel a lot to dog shows, but when Emi won four BIS for puppies, I changed my mind. She fascinates judges by her temperament and elegance. Today Emi is the champion of eight countries, an international dog beauty champion. Also, she has begun to “collect“ champion titles from Germany, Austria and Slovakia. In 2014, Emi took the second place, competing among 24 competitors in the World Dog Show, champions class.


One thing is to acquire a good dog in a good kennel, and another thing is to breed an excellent dog. It seems, you are lucky here too: the third place among the best young dogs of Lithuania was won by your pet Ekaja of Sniego Šunys. Maybe this third place is the same as the first place among adult dogs?

When speaking about our naughty Ekaja, I always say: the most beautiful and the best things happen in life unplanned. Actually, the third place, won by Ekaja is more than the first place, won by Emi. Ekaja‘s history of origin is rather strange. This female puppy was born at our friends‘ Milana and Justinas, who raise the female dog of our breeding Balasandhya of Sniego Šunys. Ekaja was the only puppy in the litter, so, when she was born, she “ brought“ her name (in the Indian language – “Ekaja“ means the only child). I did not plan to keep her, because our little daughter Danielė was born at the same time. It seemed to me that I would not be able to raise a baby and a small puppy at the same time. But I did not hurry and I did not sell her for some time. When I went with Ekaja to the first dog show, I was amazed: as soon as we entered into the ring, the judge showered us with praises “a wonderful puppy“! We won a puppy BIS in that show. Ekaja is an energetic dog, it is not easy to live with her, but this fire...sweeps victories in shows. I am grateful to my family for help and possibility to keep Ekaja in our home.  

Ekaja of Sniego Šunys won the second place in the youth class in the World Show, in Helsinkis, became the world vice junior champion and won a reserved CAC from almost eighty the most beautiful Siberian Husky female dogs from all over the world. Another title, which we are very proud of – a German Junior Champion.

I am glad that Ekaja was born to the female dog of our breed, this is the second generation of our kennel. Yes, this is a real recognition – one can buy a perfect dog, but it is not so easy to breed such a dog.  




There are hundreds of dog breeds. Why the Siberian Huskies?

There is a saying “If you know for what you love, it means, you do not love“. I only feel that this breed of dogs is mine, and that it will be so all my life. I do not image even a day without a Siberian Husky.

Perhaps this is because complex things fascinate me, and the Siberian Huskies are one of more complex dog breeds. These dogs are not for everybody.

The Siberian Huskies fascinate me by their appearance, endurance, desire for freedom and adventures. This is a working dog breed. I feel fantastic, when I hold harness in my hands, and I see my dogs “speaking“ out of happiness, impatiently stamping, and waiting for the first harness. It is difficult to describe the feeling that overwhelms when slipping along the forest path with a sledge – time stops then...
Who helps to demonstrate dogs in the shows, to look after them every day? Are the dogs‘ worthiness – only yours?

Our family like travelling, so we go to the shows in order to visit other countries as well. We try to combine this with holidays. Last year we visited Austria, Denmark, Finland, Czechia, Slovenia, Slovakia. The procedure of the show organization and the award of titles differs from country to country. There are places, where you would like to return. I like shows in Austria, Denmark and Finland very much, we have plans to visit these countries this year too.

My great helper in the dog shows and at home is my daughter Gabija, she began demonstrating dogs last year. It happens, that when my husband and I must go abroad with the dogs, Gabija prepares a dog and participates in the dog show in Lithuania. I would like that she would choose cynology, but everyone of us chooses our own way. I am grateful to my family for every kind of help.


How many Huskies are their in your home? How do they agree and who is the pack leader?

Currently, nine Siberian Huskies live in our kennel, but soon “the pack“ will increase. Some people say that the best number of dogs is four. Others think, that eight dogs is a limit. But I do not understand, who determined these numbers? Does love have limits? Despite the number of dogs we would have, the leader of the pack is me. But if we talk about a four-legged leader, that is an eight-year old female dog Daya Dayita. Her daugher gradually aims to get her place, but Daya is still strong in her “post“.


How have you acquired cynological experience?

I graduated from university, the Bachelour Degree in Economics, I work as an economist, and I am still a novice in cynology. We began visiting dog shows as spectators nine years ago and only eight years ago  - as participants. The first litter of the Siberian Huskies was born in our kennel six years ago. I am a member of Šiauliai Dog Lovers Club, I have “old“ friends – cynologists, and I grow with their help. I attend seminars about dogs training, handling, health, breeding, genetics. I read a lot of books, but unfortunately, all of them are not in Lithuanian. Perhaps it is paradoxical, but I gained much of cynological experience thanks to my “pack“ – the Siberian Huskies.








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