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* Lithuanian Cynological Society about us *


In the spring of 2006 the first Siberian husky came to our house and it changed our lives forever.


Siberian Huskies are not a hobby for us. They are our family. It is often said that this breed is difficult. We however can argue as this is the most wonderful and easiest breed. Every day we are more and more impressed by their independence and desire to explore the world.


Currently there are nine Siberian Huskies living in the kennel: three boys and six girls. Each and every dog in our family has its own story, each and every one is very precious for us. This year the most important girl Daya celebrated 8th birthday. This girl has great temperament. Besides she is the mother of two other girls living in our home - Apache and Divya. We also have her granddaughter Ekaja.


Ekaja is the one which surprises us every day more and more. Strange feeling flows into me then I remember that we did not plan to keep Ekaja in the kennel in the beginning. But that’s life and it is full of great unplanned things happening! Now we understand that Ekaja is a special dog that is born once in 10 years. We are proud that dog from our kennel has reached so much in the exhibition rings. In 2014 in the World Dog Show in Finland Ekaja became the Vice World Youth Winner, won reserve CAC and was the second follower out of 80 Siberian husky females from all over the world. In addition, this little girl has fulfilled my dream – she became a German Youth Champion and German Club Junior Champion. Her father comes from a well-known Canadian kennel Nanook. This kennel is special for us as it is linked with other our little star.


After many sleepless nights spent in front of the computer screen in 2012 one of my dreams come true. That year I visited the Canadian kennel Nanook and Stormcall. Thanks to that visit I came back home with a wonderful, sweet and crazy girl Nanook Stormcall Northern Sky ~ Emi ~. This girl has become a new star in our house. Starting from her first exhibition she was winning and winning a number of BIS in puppies, young and adult classes. Today Emi is a champion in seven countries, international champion. We can continue to name her wins in the rings however the major achievements she earns in our hearts with her kindness, gentleness and ambitions.


Siberian Lady Greystoke ~ Paco ~ is the youngest member in our kennel today. He came from Serbian kennel Siberian Lady. I admired this kennel for quite a long time and since my visit there back in 2012 I always knew that one day a puppy for me would be born. Paco is the youngest dog today, but the story of our kennel has just started. So I am sure that it would not take a century for us to open our door for a new bright puppy.


In order to have healthy puppies with temperament, exterior typical for the breed and great working abilities we plan each litter in the kennel very carefully. We have good relations with owners of our puppies. We are curios and always waiting to the stories about puppies. To maintain great relations we organize kennel meeting in September every year. Please visit our section "Litter" for more information about all dogs bred by Sniego Sunys.


I want to say thank you for all my friends and family! I know that without your support there hardly would be such a big team of US :) THANK YOU!


This site is dedicated to our dogs. I wish you to smile and be happy while visiting our virtual sweet home :)









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